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Attorney General files lawsuit against company targeting Kentucky businesses in scam

Attorney General Andy Beshear

Company located in Michigan

FRANKFORT, Ky. (May 23, 2016) — Attorney General Andy Beshear has filed a lawsuit against a Michigan company that may be targeting Kentucky businesses with a scam.

According to the lawsuit, Corporate Records Services is sending Kentucky businesses an official-looking “Annual Minutes Form” mailer offering to provide “corporate minutes” work to business owners. The form falsely claims that the annual minutes are required by Kentucky law and must be filed with state officials.

Kentucky law does not require businesses to file the forms requested by Corporate Records Services.

“Kentucky businesses should be focused on creating jobs, and not worrying about official looking scams,” Beshear said. “Corporate Records Services is one of a handful of companies my office is working to prevent from misrepresenting themselves to our business community.”

The Attorney General’s Office has received numerous complaints from state business owners saying that Corporate Records Services is mailing misleading, deceptive or fraudulent information.

In response to numerous business complaints, the Office of the Attorney General issued a Subpoena and Investigative Demand (SID) on Corporate Records Services and its officers. Corporate Records Services failed to fully respond to the SID, causing the Attorney General to file a lawsuit against the company to produce the requested information.

According to the lawsuit, Corporate Records Services has sent nearly 200,000 annual minutes mailers to Kentucky businesses, and just over 2,100 businesses completed the form and paid the company’s $125 fee.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction to prevent Corporate Records Services from operating in Kentucky, from soliciting Kentucky business owners, and from collecting or attempting to collect payment from Kentucky consumers.

Although the “Annual Minutes Form” mailers may give the impression that the services being solicited are required by Kentucky law, Beshear said Corporate Records Services is not registered, affiliated or associated with the Kentucky Secretary of State or any other governmental organization.

Kentucky businesses are required to file with the Secretary of State’s Office an annual report by June 30 each year, and registered entities should have recently received a reminder to complete that filing. The fee for filing an annual report in Kentucky is $15.

Businesses can file their annual reports online, or they can be returned by mail or in person. For more information about the annual report or other business filing requirements under Kentucky law visit www.sos.ky.gov or call 502-564-3490.

If consumers think they have been the target of a scam, they can contact the Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection at 502-696-5389.

Kentuckians can sign up for Scam Alerts by texting KYOAG Scam to GOV311 (468311). Or, enroll online at ag.ky.gov/scams and select text message or email alert.