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LG&E and KU to install up to 20 electric vehicle charge stations

LG&E/KU currently operate approximately 30 public charging stations.

Louisville Gas and Electric Co. and Kentucky Utilities Co. have received approval from the Kentucky Public Service Commission to install up to 20 electric vehicle charge stations across their service territories for public use.

The approval also gives business customers the opportunity to host charging stations at their locations.

“Launching this new service, both in public access areas and for business customers interested in hosting charging stations, will further support electric vehicle drivers by improving their accessibility to regional charging stations,” said John P. Malloy, vice president of customer services for LG&E/KU.

The stations will include the latest safety features – such as charging plugs that lock in the stand when not in use – and use digital display screens and quick-pay options for a low-effort customer experience.

The company is currently exploring locations to host the 20 public charging stations in areas such as street parking, parking lots and other outdoor areas. Business customers interested in hosting charging stations can locate the stations anywhere on their property.

Fueled by public demand, government support, and increased availability, electric vehicle adoption continues an upward trend throughout the country. According to the Electric Power Research Institute, over 750 plug-in electric hybrid vehicles and battery electric vehicles have been registered in the state of Kentucky since 2010.

Though they represent only a small portion of the total number of registered vehicles in Kentucky, the purchase and use of electric vehicles in Kentucky is increasing. Additional efforts to increase charging infrastructure are expected to help further remove consumer barriers to electric vehicle adoption and ownership.