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New Lexington high school to change mascot after complaints that name is sexist

Possible names could be Thoroughbreds or Racers

Jersey unveiled this week
Jersey unveiled this week

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Jan. 4, 2017) — A day after announcing Stallions would be the mascot of Lexington’s new high school, Frederick Douglass High School, school district officials said they will change that name after complaints that Stallions is “inappropriate and sexist.” A stallion is defined as “an uncastrated adult male horse.”

Superintendent Manny Caulk said in a statement: “We will keep the Keeneland green and orange colors and horse image in the school logo to pay homage to Lexington’s rich history in the horse industry, but we will allow the incoming students to choose their mascot. We’ve already received suggestions of Thoroughbreds or Racers as possible alternatives, and we will solicit additional ideas from our students before they choose a horse-themed mascot grounded in the land’s equestrian heritage.”

“We want assure our constituents that there was absolutely no intent to offend or upset anyone. We also recognize that there is support from others in our community to honor the former stallions of Hamburg Place farm,” Caulk said. “When construction began, we discovered that one of the Maddens’ famed stallions had been buried on the property. The Stallions mascot was originally chosen to honor the rich of tradition of our land here in Central Kentucky.”

Frederick Douglass, on Winchester Road near Sir Barton Way, will be Lexington’s sixth public high school. It opens in the fall.