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Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics announces Class of 2019

60 students selected

MOREHEAD, Ky. (April 4, 2017) — The Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics at Morehead State University has selected 60 students for its Class of 2019.

A college-level curriculum allows students to finish high school while also completing up to two years of university coursework. Students, who live on campus, were selected based on ACT scores, academic grades from their first two years of high school, interest in advanced STEM careers, responses to application essay questions, interview by the academy selection committee and recommendations from teachers and others who can attest to the student’s need and preparedness for the program.

After two years, students will have earned a minimum of 60 credit hours, finished high school and have an opportunity to further their education at MSU or transfer to any other college/university in Kentucky or elsewhere.

Craft Academy Class of 2019:

  • Anderson: Austin Adams son of Machell Adams and Mark Adams from Anderson County High School
  • Bath: Brynn Collinsworth daughter of Matt and Kelly Collinsworth from Bath County High School
  • Boone: Aishwarya Pant daughter of Neeta Jaikanthan and Jaikanthan Sankaradass from Ryle High School
  • Boone: Cole Danzer son of Keri Kaeding and Steve Danzer from Walton Verona High School
  • Boone: Louis Fritz son of Diane Fritz and Andy Fritz from Walton Verona High School
  • Boone: Alex Hubbart son of Edward and Katharine Hubbart from Ryle High School
  • Boone: Carter McIntire son of Matt and Beth McIntire from Ryle High School
  • Boone: Jake Williams son of Ray and Jill Williams from Ryle High School
  • Bourbon: Cora Spohn daughter of Suzann Shaver and Michael Spohn from Bourbon County High School
  • Bourbon: Lucy Steiner daughter of Elizabeth Neill Taylor and David Steiner from Paris High School
  • Bourbon: Noah Mitchell son of Shane and Kelly Mitchell from Bourbon County High School
  • Bourbon: Billy Murphy son of Alison Thompson and Bill Murphy from Bourbon County High School
  • Boyd: Spencer Wills daughter of Clayton and Samorn Wills from Paul G Blazer High School;
  • Boyd: Xavier Stambaugh son of Bill Stambaugh and Lavenna Stambaugh from Paul G Blazer High School
  • Breathitt: William McIntosh son of Estill McIntosh and Laura McIntosh from Jackson High School
  • Bullitt: Abby Exley daughter of Chris and Julie Exley from Riverview High School;
  • Bullitt: Hannah Ferriell daughter of Brian and Brandy Ferriell from Riverview High School
  • Bullitt: Rachel Toll daughter of Rocky and Jennifer Toll from Christian Academy of Louisville
  • Bullitt: Megan Wilkerson daughter of Beth and Troy Wilkerson from Bullitt Central High School
  • Bullitt: Rayner Whitworth son of Travis Ramond Whitworth and Sallie Michelle Whitworth from Bullitt East High School
  • Carter: Maggie Brammell daughter of Casey Brammell and Shelley Brammell from East Carter High School
  • Casey: Catherine McAninch daughter of Frank McAninch and Renee McAninch from Casey County High School
  • Clark: Clay Berryman son of Andrew Clay Berryman and Wendy Michelle Berryman from George Rogers Clark High School
  • Clay: Tyler Coots son of Jonathan Coots and Carlene Coots from Clay County High School
  • Elliott: Shelby Fraley daughter of Rebecca Maggard and Robert Fraley from Elliott County High School
  • Fayette: Lily Columbia-Embury daughter of Michael Embury and Dr. Dusty Columbia Embury from Lafayette Senior High School
  • Fayette: Sydney Gordon daughter of Jaime and Ashely Gordon from Henry Clay High School
  • Fayette: Arthur Hall son of Missy Hall and Art Hall from Bryan Station High School;
  • Floyd: Lottie Maynard daughter of Patty and Billy Maynard from Wesley Christian High School
  • Franklin: Meredith Murray daughter of John and Cindy Murray from Western Hills High School
  • Franklin: Daniel Aossey son of Craig Gram Aossey and Cynthia Ann Aossey from Frankfort High School
  • Franklin: Richard Jones son of Nolan and Sara Herrington Jones from Frankfort High School
  • Hardin: Adam McAnally son of Scott A. McAnally and Teresa J. Brunner from Elizabethtown Senior High School
  • Henry: Lori Porter daughter of John and Brinda Porter from Henry County High School
  • Jefferson: Jack Bradley son of Judith and Dan Bradley from Dupont Manual High School
  • Jefferson: Matt Dong son of Lin Fan and MaoFei Dong from Eastern High School;
  • Jessamine: Anna Hylen daughter of Michael George Hylen and Carolyn Christine Hylen from West Jessamine High School
  • Jessamine: Kaitlyn Palumbo daughter of Jennifer and Frank Palumbo from East Jessamine High School
  • Johnson: Bryson Blevins son of Amy Castle and Andrew Castle from Johnson Central High School
  • Kenton: Chase Ballard daughter of Michelle and Thomas Ballard from Walton-Verona High School
  • Kenton: Grant Gieske son of Tim and Samantha Gieske from Beechwood High School;
  • Kenton: Carson Soward son of Ginger Roberto and Alex Roberto from Ludlow High School
  • Lewis: Michael White son of Daniel White and Michelle White from Lewis County High School
  • Madison: Ryelle Browning daughter of Jennifer Browning and Neil Browning from Madison Central High School
  • Madison: Sara Olmsted daughter of Dale and Melissa Olmsted from Madison Central High School
  • Marion: Emma Humphress daughter of Robin Christine Humphress and Steven Brian Humphress from Marion County High School
  • Martin: Callie Mullins daughter of Susan Hammond Mullins and Roscoe Mullins from Sheldon Clark High School
  • Mason: Madison Holmes daughter of Dr. Yancey Rex Holmes and Jean Pompilio Holmes from Mason County High School
  • Mason: Seth Fletcher son of Jennifer Roberson and David Roberson from Mason County High School
  • Mason: Jack Gallenstein son of Stephanie and Matthew Gallenstein from St. Patrick High School
  • McCracken: Kimberly Bosh daughter of Jennifer L. Bosh and Frank A. Bosh from St. Mary High School
  • Montgomery: Nate Turner son of Todd and Cathy Turner from Montgomery County High School
  • Morgan: Levi Hoskins son of Lisa and Sean Hoskins from Morgan County High School;
  • Pike: Jeremiah Lowe son of Melita and Tim Lowe from Belfry High School
  • Pulaski: Tate Avera son of Richard and Monica Avera, and the late Traci Howard Avera from Somerset High School
  • Rowan: Beth Price daughter of Kent J. Price and Kimberly Strader Price from Rowan County Senior High School
  • Russell: Courtney Lulek daughter of David Lulek and Sherri Lynch-Lulek from Russell County High School
  • Wayne: Natalie Hutchinson daughter of Scott and Valerie Hutchinson from Wayne County High School
  • Woodford: Brooke Cissell daughter of Lisa Cissell and Kevin Cissell from Woodford County High School
  • Woodford: Carter Smith son of Lori A. Zaremba and Jason B. Smith from Woodford County High School