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Kentucky Bourbon Affair to hold Higher Proof Expo day camp

June 10 in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (May 19, 2017) — The Kentucky Bourbon Affair fantasy camp today unveiled a new day-long workshop, the Higher Proof Expo, scheduled for June 10 at the Marriott Louisville East. The camp includes educational and tasting sessions led by top industry professionals. Tickets went on sale today.

KBA-2017-300x285“Higher Proof is a deep dive into the history, techniques, science and lore of Kentucky Bourbon culture,” said Adam Johnson, senior director with the Kentucky Distillers’ Association that coordinates KBA. “The whiskey you’ll be tasting is alone worth the ticket.”

Sessions include:

  • A breakdown and sampling of the four unique recipes that Four Roses Distillery used this year to craft its Limited Edition Small Batch honoring Brand Ambassador Al Young’s 50th anniversary, hosted by Master Distiller Brent Elliott.
  • Diageo’s Orphan Barrel program shares barrels of delicious and rare whiskey, hidden away and nearly forgotten in the back of rickhouses. Diageo’s Master Whiskey Educator Doug Kragel will take you behind the scenes at this private tasting with the tales and secrets of these rare selections.
  • Experience the bold flavors and discover the subtle notes of country ham through whiskey as Andrea Wilson of Michter’s Distillery and author Steve Coomes team up to take your flavor detectors to the next level. Learn the art of complementing and enhancing flavors through pairings in this delicious and fun seminar.
  • Join Heaven Hill’s National Whiskey Brand Ambassador, Bernie Lubbers, as he reviews the origins and history of the acclaimed Parker’s Heritage annual series of American Whiskey, including samples of the 24-year-old Bottled-In-Bond offering and three no longer available prior editions.
  • Discover the secrets and science of MB Roland’s dark-fired whiskey with co-owners Paul and Merry Beth Tomaszewski. Taste and compare samples of fired and non-dark fired distillate to gain a real appreciation for how this smoking process influences MB Roland’s products.

For more information, contact Adam Johnson, (502) 875-9351, mobile (859) 583- 0301.