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2017 HOT & FAST Innovation Award winners announced

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Dec. 5, 2017) – Twelve local companies received EnterpriseCorp’s HOT & FAST Innovation Awards, presented by Dean Dorton and Hilliard Lyons. The awards honor the companies that are the early-stage innovators (HOT) and fast-growth “gazelles” (FAST).

“All of these companies and their teams are thinking differently and thinking big. They are adding to Louisville’s culture of innovation. They represent the promise of innovation, growth, new jobs, and wealth, while adding to the economic vitality of our region,” Lisa Bajorinas, GLI’s Vice President of Entrepreneurship and Talent, said.

The “HOT” and “FAST” companies exemplify high-potential, innovative work being done throughout the region’s entrepreneurial community. Past winners include stand-outs such as ZirMed, Appellis Pharmaceuticals, and MobileServe.

The criteria used in this year’s selection of six HOT Companies included being a technology-based company that is utilizing innovation to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and incorporating some level of intellectual property with their innovation. Each has already gained customer traction as an indication of early adoption and is currently in or has had successful equity raises. All six are clients of EnterpriseCorp.

The criteria used in this year’s selection of six FAST Companies included high-growth companies that are increasing their revenues by at least 20% annually for three years or more, starting from a revenue base of at least $1 million. This growth pace means that the company has effectively doubled its revenues.

EnterpriseCorp believes all 12 companies selected are positioned to continue growing and improve Greater Louisville’s economy.

2017’s HOT & FAST Companies are:

Hot Companies

Advanced Energy Materials – developed catalyst products based on nanowire technology that can be used in oil refineries, alternate fuels, and chemical processing industries. Their mission is to be an innovative leader in delivering these catalyst products to global customers.

GoWild – is a social media app for hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts. As one of the fastest growing apps in the outdoors industry, GoWild curates a large community where outdoors enthusiasts can engage, interact, and learn.

Lucina Health — helps insurance providers reduce high-cost pregnancies by providing care management software that uses predictive analytics and other data sources to aggregate claims. A companion mobile app collects actionable data and delivers a personalized pregnancy plan to each mother.

Revon Systems – develops digital therapeutics called Smart Symptom Trackers (SSTs) designed to reduce the severity of chronic disease symptoms and unnecessary hospitalizations with early intervention. SSTs are trained by machine learning.

Schedule It – created a new software program designed for insurance adjusters in the field to schedule mass appointments and organize information they need to successfully manage their calendars.

Sum180 – is an online financial wellness service with jargon-free, personalized financial advice delivered as three simple Next Steps. Sum180 includes an online community for engagement tracking, a gamified mobile experience, and affordable access to qualified financial advisers.

Fast Companies

Car Keys Express – is embracing new car key technology and turning it into a competitive advantage. By leveraging proprietary technologies, creating revolutionary products and processes, Car Keys Express helps their clients reduce the cost of replacing or duplicating car keys.

EdjAnalytics – is a data science and prescriptive analytics firm. They build custom models and solutions that empower their clients in sports, healthcare, education, markets, and other industries make faster, more accurate, data-driven decisions.

Onovative – developed banking software that is a modern outbound marketing platform which uses the data financial institutions already possess to send automated, multi-channel offers and communications.

Red e App – is a mobile workflow communication and file distribution platform architected specifically for non-desk and hourly workers. They help companies create efficient operations for unconnected workers, specifically centered on Human Resources, Training, Environmental Health & Safety, and Change Management.

SmartBox – helps dentists thrive by delivering more patients through their industry-leading Patient Attraction System.

SuperFanU — is the ultimate fan loyalty and engagement platform, helping high schools, universities, and pro teams increase attendance, generate revenue, connect, and communicate with their entire fan base.