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KYTC launches online certification portal for disadvantaged businesses


FRANKFORT, Ky. (Feb.1, 2018) – Applicants seeking to apply for a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification and Airport Concession DBE certification through the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) will experience a faster, more convenient process thanks to the new online application portal, DBE Online, launching today. Administering the federal certification program to promote equitable business opportunities in the Commonwealth, the Office for Civil Rights and Small Business Development (OCRSBD) spearheaded the initiative.

“Our office is cutting red tape by creating a streamlined process for qualified women- and minority-owned businesses to become certified as DBEs with the Cabinet,” said Jamir Davis, Civil Rights and Small Business Development executive director. “Transitioning from a paper application to an online process will increase efficiency and convenience for small businesses and ease administrative burdens for both parties.”

Applicants previously submitted files of paper applications and supporting documents the width of two encyclopedias for the Small Business Development team to review. The DBE Online process eliminates excessive printing, postage costs to mail paperwork and the risk of omitting necessary documents. Increasing efficiency, the online application offers built-in quality control measures that detect if any required documents are missing prior to application submission.

“Less time spent on administrative duties, like following up on incomplete submissions, will translate to more time our staff can spend evaluating applicants with fewer delays,” said Davis.

No external costs were incurred by the Cabinet for the development of this portal due to a collaborative effort between KYTC’s Office of Information Technology and the Indiana Department of Transportation, which uses a similar application process. Expanded capabilities through the portal are expected in the future to allow current certification holders to submit annual affidavits of no change electronically and to offer applicants around-the-clock access to retrieve submitted files when applying for certifications from other states.

The KYTC OCRSBD establishes goals to create equal opportunities for disadvantaged businesses to compete for federally funded transportation-related projects in the Commonwealth and ensures the eligibility of for-profit businesses seeking certification to participate in the program. To learn more about the OCRSBD, visit the agency webpage.