Louisville-based wealth management firm Hilliard Lyons unveils rebranding

(L to R) James Allen, Greg Fischer, Kent Oyler Thomas Kessinger III.
(L to R) James Allen, Greg Fischer, Kent Oyler and Thomas Kessinger III.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (April 17, 2018) — Hilliard Lyons announced March 27 that over the next few weeks it would be rolling out new brand positioning. While the website, logo, and titles will be changing Hilliard Lyons says it will remain steadfast in its commitment to being the comprehensive wealth management firm clients have come to count on for the last 160 years.

On Tuesday, Hilliard Lyons Chairman and CEO James Allen, along with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, Kent Oyler, president and CEO of Greater Louisville Inc., and Hilliard Lyons President Thomas Kessinger III unveiled the new logo to the Louisville market.

logoIn a statement on its website, Hilliard Lyons said: “Since the beginning, core values have shaped the way we do things at Hilliard Lyons. Our advisors guide clients with honesty and empathy and make your goals our own. We’re there through the ups and the downs as the market changes and as your life evolves. It’s an approach that comes naturally to us – and one that has continuously served as the foundation of who we are for the last 160 years.

“Over the next few weeks, you’ll see a change in our logo and a reveal of our new brand positioning, which better reflects the optimism, confidence, and passion that has always been a part of our story. You will also notice that your Financial Consultant will now be called a Wealth Advisor. This title personifies the value that your Wealth Advisor brings to you. A value which goes beyond transactional buying and selling to reflect the fact that we know you and your family, understand your unique needs, and tailor solutions to help you attain your financial goals. The path in our new logo is also a promise: now, and into the future, we will always be here with everything our clients need along their journey through life.

“While you’ll begin seeing our new logo, website, and title changes over the upcoming weeks, rest assured that your relationship with Hilliard Lyons will not be affected in any way, and the ownership of our firm remains unchanged. We are steadfast in our commitment to being the comprehensive wealth management firm you have come to count on – always here with the financial services you need to help build and protect your legacy, no matter what.

“Onward, upward, and forward – we’re reaching further beyond expectation with our new brand positioning, united in our mission to help our clients redefine what’s possible.”