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Candidate filing deadline approaches for several Ky. judge races

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Aug. 8, 2012) — Aug. 14 is the filing deadline for independent, political organization, and political group candidates running for most offices, with the exception of President and Vice President and certain unexpired terms, to file their petitions of nomination and pay the filing fee. The paperwork must be received by the filing official by 4 p.m. prevailing local time.

“I encourage all interested individuals to complete their filings as soon as possible to allow time to address any problems with their paperwork,” said Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Independent, political organization and political group candidates for many offices were required to file a statement-of-candidacy form no later than April 2 to be qualified. That prerequisite does not apply to candidates for federal offices, nonpartisan offices and partisan city offices of cities of the second to sixth classes. The requirement also is inapplicable to candidates for unexpired terms.

In addition to offices that are scheduled for a regular election this year, several unexpired terms will appear on the ballot on Nov. 6. Candidates for the following vacant offices that file with the Secretary of State must file their paperwork by Aug. 14:

• District Judge, 57th Judicial District (Nelson County)

• Circuit Judge, 27th Judicial Circuit, Division 2 (Laurel and Knox counties)

• Circuit Judge, 29th Judicial Circuit (Adair and Casey counties)

• Circuit Judge, 30th Judicial Circuit, Division 10 (Larue and Hart counties)

Interested individuals should contact their county clerk to determine whether there are any local offices with unexpired terms and the filing deadline for those positions.