Recently elected UK Staff Senators announced

By Whitney Hale

LEXINGTON, Ky. (June 8, 2018) — Voting has concluded in the University of Kentucky Staff Senate elections. Because each sector represented had fewer candidates than vacancies, all candidates will be seated.

Senators-elect will begin their three-year terms as senators July 1. A listing of senators-elect per sector is as follows:

Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration

  • Kelvin Bright
  • Leslie Vega
  • Laurel Wood

Executive Vice President for Health Affairs

  • Jason Fite
  • Jennifer Fore
  • Suzanne Greer
  • Chase Johnson
  • Fadyia Lowe
  • Lisa Pierce
  • Jared Roberts
  • Andrea Strassberg
  • Glen White
  • Misty Wright


  • Mike Adams
  • Elliot Bloomer
  • Jeff Bosken
  • James Boxx
  • Kari Burchfield
  • Chris Carney
  • Harlie Collins
  • Olivia Ellis
  • Whitney Fooks
  • Jennifer Fransen
  • Carl Harper
  • Julianne Kravetz
  • Misty Lilly
  • Chris Miller
  • Tiffany Miller
  • Joshua Monroe
  • Daniel Naas
  • Rachel Noble
  • Amanda Schagane
  • Laura Sidwell
  • Clem Stambaugh
  • Justin Sumner
  • Aaron Vaught
  • Monica Whalen
  • Francesca Yackso


  • Ann Eads

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