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Bryan Station student who skipped school found with unloaded gun

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Sept. 7, 2012) — A Bryan Station High School freshman who left school Friday after being dropped off by a parent was found later with a gun, according to a press release from Fayette County Public Schools.

School officials sent a letter and a phone message to all parents of Bryan Station students about the issue, “in an effort to maintain open lines of communication between home and school.”

After being dropped off at school this morning by a parent, a Bryan Station freshman left campus without ever entering the school building, the release said. Around lunchtime, an officer with the Lexington Police Department saw the student walking near North Pointe and brought him back to school.

“As is our customary procedure when a student returns to campus after skipping school, an administrative search of the ninth grader was conducted and it was discovered that he had an unloaded handgun in his backpack,” the release said.

The student said he had found the weapon while he was off campus and said it was not related to any events at Bryan Station, school officials said.

“Although the student said he had no intention of using the gun,” the release said, the freshman was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon on school property and was taken into police custody.

The Lexington Police Department is continuing its investigation. The student will face legal consequences through the juvenile court system, as well as serious administrative consequences through the school district.

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