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Lexington Clinic partners with Berea College

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Berea College has signed a multi-year, exclusive population health and premier provider network agreement with Lexington Clinic.

With this agreement, approximately 1,200-1,300 members will become covered and gain affordable access to all Lexington Clinic offices and associate practices under Lexington Clinic’s award-winning population health program. In addition, Lexington Clinic will also provide on-site services, specifically designed to care for the needs of that population.

“Through our partnership, we will be able to provide the innovative, personalized healthcare Lexington Clinic is known for to all Berea College employees and their families,” said Eric Riley, Lexington Clinic chief administrative officer.

Lexington Clinic in partnership with BIM Group offers customized, premier network options for progressive employers in the commonwealth, and is able to address both preventive care and chronic health conditions of employee populations.

To learn more about this program, please contact [email protected] or visit youremployeehealth.com.