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Commonwealth launches online tool to help explore career pathways

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Kentucky Center for Statistics, within the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, has launched a free, online Career Explorer Tool to allow students and job seekers to explore careers matching their knowledge, skills and abilities.

Designed by KYSTATS, a recognized leader in data platforms, the new Career Explorer Tool was developed with grant funding from the Workforce Data Quality Initiative. The tool is designed to help explore careers based on four different criteria: Expected Knowledge, Skills & Abilities; Desired Salary; Major or Certification; and Desired Occupation.

KSAs are often utilized by hiring professionals to define the requirements of a job opening and how well a candidate matches those qualifications. The Career Explorer Tool allows job seekers and students to understand the requirements of a career prior to submitting an application or enrolling within an education or training program.

“We are excited to provide Kentuckians with a free, online platform to explore the career pathways available within the commonwealth. Choosing a career can be intimidating, and this tool makes it easier for users to narrow down thousands of occupations to the ones that specifically match their interests and abilities,” said EWDC Deputy Secretary Josh Benton.

Through the online platform, students and job seekers can complete a self-assessment of KSAs as well as gain a better understanding of the skills, education and training needed for various career pathways. Upon completion of the assessment, users are provided with a list of careers that best match their interests and skills. The tool also provides information about Kentucky schools that offer training and education for users to obtain degrees or certifications necessary for their chosen career path.

“Our goal was to develop a user-friendly tool for both students and job seekers to explore careers that best match their interests and provide information about required skills necessary to pursue that career,” said Jessica Cunningham, executive director of KYSTATS. “We will continue to expand this tool as we get feedback from users.”

The Career Explorer Tool also includes informational career videos, an individual KSA analysis, a breakdown of entry-level, median and experienced wages, a list of Kentucky schools that offer majors or certifications for a career, and a list of similar careers.

To access the Career Explorer Tool, visit kystats.ky.gov/CareerExplorer.

KYSTATS collects and links data to evaluate education and workforce efforts through the development of reports, and provides statistical data to policymakers, agencies, and the general public.

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