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New Transitional Assistance Program to help state employees stay at work

Kentucky Personnel Cabinet continues efforts in making state government employer of choice

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Personnel Cabinet of Kentucky has announced a new program that will assist state employees in continuing their government service should they be unable to return to their job after an injury or illness.

The Transitional Assistance Program (TAP) is a robust, modified duty program that works with state agencies to return employees to work as soon as possible, once deemed medically safe. The Personnel Cabinet will assess available positions within the entire Executive Branch and connect employees with potential employers.

“The Personnel Cabinet is excited to do our part in bringing the state’s capable and dedicated civil servants back to work through this important new program,” Personnel Cabinet Secretary Thomas B. Stephens said. “We are changing Return to Work, to, Stay at Work and know this is the right thing for Kentucky. Now agencies can band together and find meaningful work for employees seeking continued employment with the commonwealth.”

Once limited to finding a vacant position within the employee’s current agency, now, an injured or ill employee has a larger array of potential jobs within the entire enterprise. The Personnel Cabinet continues to champion the findings in Kentucky’s Work Matters Task Force Report (2018), which outlines the importance of strong Return-to-Work and Stay-at-Work Programs.

These programs benefit both the employers and employee by allowing the commonwealth to retain skilled, valued and committed employees, while giving employees opportunities to contribute and continuing developing their careers within state government.