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West End health clinic now ready for flu season with help from Supplies Over Seas

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The first case of the flu has already been confirmed in Kentucky, and experts are warning that this year’s flu season could be the worst we’ve seen in years.

The Hope Wellness Center, located at 2600 West Broadway, Suite 208 inside of the Lyles Mall, provides basic healthcare and wellness services for those living in the West end. Now, thanks to a recent donation from Supplies Over Seas, the clinic is now prepared for the upcoming flu season. The donation of supplies included hundreds of expensive culture tests for the flu, RSV and strep.

The facility is open until 8 p.m. weekdays and 6 p.m. Saturdays, making it one of the only after-hours urgent care centers in West Louisville. The Hope Wellness Center accepts all kinds of medical insurance and once a month it will provide care to those without insurance.

Hope Wellness Center’s partnership with SOS served as a catalyst to get the clinic up and running last fall. Since last year, SOS has donated supplies including insulin syringes, glucose monitors and supplies to perform blood sugar checks, lidocaine patches, catheter kits, antibiotic ointment, prenatal vitamins, wound care, and medications for nebulizer treatments to assist the clinic and those it serves.

While SOS’s primary mission is to connect surplus medical supplies with medically impoverished communities in the developing world, the organization also creates a local impact in several ways. This year alone, SOS has also donated 56,315 pounds of supplies to local organizations including the Humane Society, Family Health Centers, and JCPS’s Science program.