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Republican Party of Kentucky announces new appointments

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Republican Party of Kentucky (RPK) announced the newest congressional district chairs, vice-chairs, and members-at-large.

District chairs, vice-chairs, and members-at-large provide leadership and oversight of fundraising, event planning, and other grassroots organizing of the county parties that make up their congressional district.

Below are the newly elected congressional district chairs, vice-chairs, and members-at-large, who will serve a four-year term as provided for by RPK’s rules:

First Congressional District

  • Chairman Greg Delancey, Murray
  • Vice-Chairman Rita Branscum, Russell Springs
  • Member-at-Large Dwight Williams, Henderson
  • Member-at-Large Sheila Hodges, Princeton
  • Member-at-Large Valerie Hughes, Adairville
  • Member-at-Large Dennis Draper, Campbellsville

Second Congressional District

  • Chairman Tom Tye, Danville
  • Vice-Chairman Rep. Samara Heavrin, Leitchfield
  • Member-at-Large Timothy Gilliam, Bowling Green
  • Member-at-Large Aaron Witten, Leitchfield
  • Member-at-Large Richard McClard, Glasgow
  • Member-at-Large Thomas Watson, Owensboro

Third Congressional District

  • Chairman Libby Milligan, Louisville
  • Vice-Chairman Rep. Ken Fleming, Louisville
  • Member-at-Large Kristen Webb-Hill, Louisville
  • Member-at-Large John McCarthy, Louisville
  • Member-at-Large Jack Richardson IV, Louisville
  • Member-at-Large James Stansbury, Louisville

Fourth Congressional District

  • Chairman Jon Park, Shelbyville
  • Vice-Chairman Sarah Cameron, Fort Thomas
  • Member at Large John Stanton, Edgewood
  • Member-at-Large Scott Jennings, Prospect
  • Member-at-Large Janet Cuthrell, Simpsonville
  • Member-at-Large Earl Bush Jr., Brooksville

Fifth Congressional District

  • Chairman Bob Hutchison, Staffordsville
  • Vice-Chairman Andrea Begley, Hyden
  • Member-at-Large William Turpen, Somerset
  • Member-at-Large Jaryd Crum, Inez
  • Member-at-Large Kimberly McCann, Ashland
  • Member-at-Large Mary Singleton, Stearns

Sixth Congressional District

  • Chairman Carol Rogers, Lexington
  • Vice-Chairman Tim Janes, Winchester
  • Member-at-Large Anna Roberts-Smith, Nicholasville
  • Member-at-Large Lois Ann Disponett, Lawrenceburg
  • Member-at-Large Kathryn Stocks, Midway
  • Member-at-Large William Kirkland, Frankfort

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