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New Release: Blaize & Brooks ‘Homesick’

By The Bourbon Flight

A new Healing Springs-based startup, Blaize & Brooks, is putting its “Homesick” small-batch bourbon on Arkansas shelves. We named the batch “Homesick’ because we are gypsy souls and not typically prone to nostalgia, but a year without even toe in the Bluegrass produced a mean case of homesickness.  This batch is our ode to home and our way of bringing the best of us to our far-flung friends and family.

Cara Blaize Osborne, a long-time bourbon enthusiast, and Kentucky transplant got homesick during the pandemic and channeled that into a new business. “We were all trapped at home. And for the first time in a long time, my kids didn’t have 400 things to do, and I had a little bit of bandwidth,” she said.

While Arkansas is home to plenty of locally made beer, the state doesn’t have many bourbons to call its own, with Rock Town Distillery in Little Rock among the limited few.

The Blaize & Brooks “Homesick” batch has more floral and citrus undertones than most bourbons. The distiller used barrels that had been aged for five years.

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