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New Release: Firefly Barrel Proof Bourbon

By The Bourbon Flight

Firefly Distillery is releasing a new special edition bourbon just in time for the holidays

The limited-edition Barrel Proof Bourbon, set to release on Monday, is aged for six years and bottled at cask strength. Only 192 bottles of the 121.2 proof Bourbon will be available for purchase.

“We released our first cask strength bourbon last year and it sold out within 24 hours,” head distiller and general manager, Jay Macmurphy said. “What really drew us to this barrel for our most prized pick this year was the lingering complex finish of cocoa nib, and robust tobacco and herbal notes.”

A cask strength bourbon is the purest form of the spirit, meaning it has not been substantially diluted after its storage in the cask. For this limited edition batch, Firefly said the particular cask was identified as unique with its composition, tasting notes, and aging process.

The special release is to commemorate co-owner Jim Irvin’s 75th birthday. Each bottle is hand-labeled with its unique proof and batch number and hand sealed with a black wax, designed to keep all the flavors intact.

Firefly describes the taste as: “the bourbon opens up with a prominent pipe tobacco nose, accompanied by cinnamon-dusted apple and plum. The palate begins with sweet cherry, quickly settling to salted dark caramel.”

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