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New Release: Frank’s Reserve Bartender’s Blend

By The Bourbon Flight

Broad Branch is proud to announce the initial release of Frank’s Reserve Bartenders Blend. The distillery worked with four TRIAD bartenders, Andrew T. Schools (Beverage Director, MACHETE), David Bowen (Co-Owner, Ginger Fox Beverage), Sujin Johnson (Manager, Vintage Sofa Bar), and Shawn Holland (Manager, Vintage Sofa Bar) to design the blend for the first annual release in this series.

In March, the first edition of this limited release Frank’s Reserve blend will be available through the North Carolina ABC and at the Distillery. Presented in 750mL size, each bottle carries a retail price of $38.95.

Hand bottled at 90 proof and non-chill filtered, Frank’s Reserve Bartender’s Blend is a fruit-forward expression with complimentary spice notes. Excellent poured neat, it’s also an ideal spirit for classic bourbon cocktails.

Frank’s Reserve is an aged and blended rendition of Broad Branch’s Nightlab, a Classic Carolina Spirit distilled in North Carolina for well over 100 years. The Bartender’s Blend project aims to share this piece of our state’s rich distilling heritage and help promote classic spirits native to North Carolina.

Prior to Prohibition, North Carolina was home to over 400 distilleries; currently, there are less than 100 distilleries in our state, and many of our classic recipes and distilling traditions have been lost. Each year, Broad Branch Distillery will collaborate with four of the area’s most talented bartenders to build a unique Franks Reserve blend. The effort will help ensure this legendary piece of North Carolina distilling heritage remains alive and well for future generations.

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