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Op-Ed: Kentucky Power to Liberty Transition

by Brett Mattison, President & COO Kentucky Power

Last fall, it was announced that Kentucky Power would be sold to Liberty Utilities.

The sale is part of a strategic decision by AEP, our parent company. When AEP began looking for a new owner, one of the most important qualities they were looking for was a company with a strong history of customer service, a commitment to its employees, and a desire to become a part of the communities we serve.

After a long process, Liberty was the perfect match. They serve small communities in 13 states and Canada. They have more than 1 million electric, water and natural gas customer connections. They are committed to their employees. They have developed strong ties to their communities over their 30 years in business.

The same men and women who serve Kentucky Power today will continue to do so under the Liberty banner. Liberty will be adding at least 120 good-paying jobs, establishing a customer call center in eastern Kentucky and maintaining its headquarters in Ashland.

Over the next few months, you will likely see more activity around this transition as the regulatory approval process gets fully underway. As new information becomes available, we will provide updates to Kentucky Power customers. Our website, kentuckypower.com, is also a good resource. The transition to Liberty offers new opportunities and new beginnings.

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