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Kentucky Lottery breaks sales records in FY22

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Kentucky Lottery has posted sales and cash transfer results breaking previous all-time records from the Corporation’s 33-year history. These FY22 numbers cover the period from July 2021 through June 2022:

  •  Total sales of $1,676,502,000. This is a 5.7% increase from the previous year, with $90.2 million in additional sales over FY21.
  • Total cash transfers to the Commonwealth were $360.8 million. This is $6.0 million or 1.7% more than last year.

Lottery transfers to the Commonwealth fund a variety of college scholarship and grant programs, including the popular KEES scholarship.

These increased sales meant more prizes were awarded in FY22 than in any other period of the Kentucky Lottery’s history. Players won $1,152,007,000 for the year, an $84.6 million (7.9%) increase from the previous year.

Scratch-off tickets once again were the largest individual game category, finishing the year at $963.5 million. This is a $1.8 million or 0.2% increase from the previous year.

The largest percentage growth category for the year was realized by the Lottery’s Instant Play games. The category has seen steady growth over the past six years since it was launched, particularly in the last two years. Sales of Instant Play games finished FY22 at $226.1 million, an increase of $107.4 million or 90.6%. All Internet sales for the year comprised 15% of total Kentucky Lottery sales.

Sustained jackpot runs continued to play a large part in how Powerball and Mega Millions sales progressed during the FY. Powerball sales for the year were $71.1 million, up 16% (or $9.8 million) from the previous FY. This was due in large part to a pair of jackpot runs during the year, most notably the $685 million jackpot in October 2021 and a $630 million jackpot in January 2022. The Mega Millions game did not see the same large jackpots, only breaking the $400 million mark twice in the FY. This led to a 29.2% (or $14.7 million) decline in annual sales for the game from the previous year, finishing FY22 with $35.5 million in sales.

Two other draw games saw increases for the year. The Lucky for Life game went from two drawings a week to seven in July 2021, with a subsequent 51.2% ($4.0 million) sales jump for the year to $11.7 million. Fast Play games, which play like a Scratch-off ticket printed from a Lottery terminal or vending machine, saw several new game launches during the year. This led to a 7.4% ($1.0 million) sales increase to $14.6 million for the year.

All other daily draw games saw declining sales. Sales for the daily Pick 3 game decreased by 3.7% (or $7.1 million), and Pick 4 game sales decreased 5.1% ($3.1 million). Keno sales also decreased by 6.2%, a $5.5 million decline from the previous year.

These increased sales and cash transfers have led to increased award amounts for several of the programs funded by Lottery proceeds. Awards for the need-based College Access Program (CAP) in four-year programs will increase to $5,300, up from $2,900 last year.  Other need-based scholarship and grant programs funded by Lottery proceeds will also see increases. In addition, increased Lottery transfers have led to an expansion of the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship program.

This initiative helps residents who want to earn two-year degrees or certificates studying in-demand career fields. The program initially just covered four semesters of classes, but additional funding has expanded Work Ready to now continue until a student has earned 60 credit hours or completed their associates degree, whichever comes first.

Sales are expected to remain steady through the upcoming fiscal year. The Lottery’s Board of Directors last month approved the FY23 budget, which calls for $1.8 billion in sales and estimated total cash transfers of more than $350 million.

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