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One Southern Indiana partners with national health insurance provider

NEW ALBANY, Ind. — One Southern Indiana and UnitedHealthcare announced the launch of 1si’s revitalized partnership program, Insurance Under ONE. By joining with a national carrier, this program makes health insurance affordable for member employers with two or more employees.

“While Insurance Under ONE is available to all members, we anticipate it will be companies with 50 or fewer employees who will benefit the most,” said Scott Thompson, UnitedHealthcare Director of Sales.  We’re proud to partner with 1si to bring this to their member companies.”

Health insurance is the top requested benefit employees want from their employers.  This plan, in a partnership created by 1si and the nation’s largest insurer UnitedHealthcare, will give 1si small business members access to big-business employee health benefits at competitive rates.  This plan has a robust provider network with access to physicians, healthcare professionals, and hospitals.

All 1si members, from small businesses to the largest corporations, will have access to Insurance Under ONE, potentially covering as many as 170,000 individuals across the region. Insurance Under ONE will be available to market and sell for all insurance agents.

“There is no greater challenge in business today than workforce attraction and retention,” said 1si President and CEO Wendy Dant Chesser.  “That’s really amplified for smaller companies.  Insurance Under ONE helps those businesses offer the health benefits they need to attract and keep good employees.  That’s why our team at 1si has made it such a priority — and why we’re delighted to partner with UnitedHealthcare to bring this crucial benefit to our members.”

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