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LexArts honored with Fayette Education Foundation’s Golden Apple award

LEXINGTON, Ky. — LexArts was recently honored with the Fayette Education Foundation’s coveted Golden Apple Partnership Award. During the Foundation’s A New Way Forward – State of Schools 2022 program, LexArts was commended for its continuing work with Fayette County Public Schools and particularly for its Horse Play program, part of Horse Mania 2022.

Celebrating 50 years, LexArts collaborated with the Kloiber Foundation to present Horse Play, a spinoff program of the popular public art project Horse Mania. In doing so, every school, both private and public, was gifted a fiberglass horse or foal to adorn, paint and decorate before being exhibited on the streets of Lexington.

In 2010’s inaugural version of Horse Play, schools were tasked with fundraising to purchase the fiberglass statues. In this iteration, however, it was critical to LexArts and the Kloiber Foundation that all barriers to participation, including cost, be alleviated.

In addition to providing the statues, the Kloiber Foundation also provided an internship program. Twenty-five high school students were engaged with LexArts in both artistic and administrative capacities.

The Kloiber Foundation is committed to providing students and educators with the technology necessary to enhance their learning experiences. With access to these tools, students are more engaged in their education and can learn and prosper in new and exciting ways.

Foundation president David Kloiber says, “The arts are an integral part of our children’s education. It is important for us to teach our children to read and write, but we need to supply them with things to read and write about. Arts fuel the imagination and mold our youth into the problem solvers and dreamers of tomorrow.”

LexArts President & CEO Ame Sweetall continued, “We simply could not have pulled off this program without the financial commitment of the Kloiber Foundation. But it was more than just financial commitment – David’s vision and commitment to enhancing learning experiences allowed for teaching moments outside of the artwork creation.”

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