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Kentucky Capital Development Corp: Growing a better Frankfort for all

Business succeeds when community embraces building a positive environment.

By wmadministrator

Frankfort, Ky., is not only known around the world for its renowned bourbon industry and its flourishing manufacturing sector but also as an extraordinary place to work, live, learn and raise a family. The Frankfort community and its economic development agency, the Kentucky Capital Development Corp. (KCDC), have numerous economic and workforce development and talent recruitment programs that bring newcomers to the community, promote growth, support the existing workforce and create an environment in which businesses succeed.

To encourage women to grow professionally and harness their knowledge to benefit the community, Empower Frankfort hosts a network of more than 250 professional women who meet monthly to share business leads/referrals, learn of opportunities to give back to the community, educate and mentor each other, and develop leadership skills.

Development Interest Group (DIG)–Frankfort was recently formed to give voice to local development projects in Frankfort/Franklin County. This group consists of real estate, financial and business professionals who help guide strategic development decisions that increase the local tax base, create employment opportunities and enhance resources for positive growth.

KCDC’s Think Frankfort First provides daily posts that feature job openings and tell stories about how local businesses diversify the economy, add tax revenue and improve schools and the standard of living for families.

KCDC’s First New Friend initiative leverages one of Frankfort’s greatest assets—its residents—to engage and secure new ones. The community onboarding initiative provides an opportunity for potential and/or new residents to connect with people with whom they have things in common.

KCDC and its partners continue to work with local businesses to support business development, recruit new residents, remove barriers for young people to remain in the community, advance industry innovation, tap global markets and develop a talented workforce.