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Thomas More University announces inaugural director of new center

CRESTVIEW HILLS, Ky. — Thomas More University announces Jeni Al Bahrani ’05 as the inaugural director of the Dr. Anthony ’65 & Geraldine ’66 Zembrodt Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. The Center provides an incubator space for students, faculty, and staff to explore and test ideas before advancing them as initiatives.

Jeni Al Bahrani

“We are thrilled to welcome Jeni Al Bahrani to Thomas More University as director of the newly established Dr. Anthony ’65 & Geraldine ’66 Zembrodt Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation,” says University President, Joseph L. Chillo, LP.D. “Thomas More University is quickly becoming the innovation destination for young entrepreneurs looking for resources to develop their ideas in an academic environment, and Mrs. Al Bahrani brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support and grow these initiatives in northern Kentucky and the greater Cincinnati region.”

Al Bahrani comes to Thomas More from Transylvania University, where she was hired to start the inaugural Center for Entrepreneurship. There she assisted aspiring entrepreneurs to start a business, existing business owners to grow their businesses, and corporations to use innovation as a driver to define and redefine business models.

“As an alumna, I am a product of the Thomas More mission, and I know its Catholic Liberal Arts degree is about more than a mission,” explains Al Bahrani, “it’s also about how you will use your education in your professional and personal life. I am thrilled to lead the Center as a way to complement majors in all of the University’s academic colleges and to promote the applications of entrepreneurial concepts in support of each student’s passion, regardless of major.”

The Dr. Anthony ’65 & Geraldine ’66 Zembrodt Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation was established to foster academic excellence and innovation, one of the goals set forth in Thomas More’s five-year Strategic Plan: Lighting the Way. The Center will increase the potential for entrepreneurialism as it relates to student success both in the classroom and post-graduation from Thomas More University.

“After meeting with Jeni and understanding her approach to engaging students we became excited about the possibilities,” says Anthony ’65, Ph.D., and Geraldine ’66 Zembrodt. “We know that we need innovation not only in the population at large but in the way we teach it. The future of Thomas More University relies not only in its rich past but always challenging the status quo. Jeni is the way of the future.”

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