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Kentucky Chamber Foundation announces finalists of Local Civics Bees

The Bottom Line: by Saywer Coffey

Chambers of Commerce from across Kentucky hosted Local Civics Bee competitions this spring in partnership with the Kentucky Chamber Foundation, where middle school students participated in live quiz events to test their civics knowledge and discuss issues facing their communities.

The Paducah Area Chamber, Bardstown-Nelson County Chamber, Campbellsville-Taylor County Chamber, Southeast Kentucky Chamber, London-Laurel County Chamber, and Northern Kentucky Chamber hosted the local competitions.

The Kentucky Chamber Foundation will host the top three finalists from each Local Civics Bee to participate in the Kentucky Civics Bee on Friday, August 18, 2023, at the Kentucky State Fair.

Below are the 18 finalists from each local competition that will compete in the Kentucky Civics Bee hosted by the Kentucky Chamber Foundation in Louisville:

  • Kaylee Brandon, Paducah Chamber
  • Calleigh Oldja, Paducah Chamber
  • Luke Whiteside, Paducah Chamber
  • Myah Collie, Bardstown-Nelson County Chamber
  • Elizabeth Hatton, Bardstown-Nelson County Chamber
  • Josey Hite, Bardstown-Nelson County Chamber
  • Olivia Teague, Campbellsville-Taylor County Chamber
  • Ann DeGrez, Campbellsville-Taylor County Chamber
  • Anna Warf, Campbellsville-Taylor County Chamber
  • Jiwoo Kim, Southeast Kentucky Chamber
  • Javan Dotson, Southeast Kentucky Chamber
  • Landon Thacker, Southeast Kentucky Chamber
  • Oliver Victor, Northern Kentucky Chamber
  • Rashad Agayev, Northern Kentucky Chamber
  • Leigh-Nichole Crabbe, Northern Kentucky Chamber
  • Jade Smith, London-Laurel County Chamber
  • Emma Adams, London-Laurel County Chamber
  • Caleb Hammons, London-Laurel County Chamber

The National Civics Bee is an initiative to encourage more young Americans to engage in civics and contribute to their communities. Organized in partnership with The Civic Trust of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the competition hosted by the Kentucky Chamber Foundation in Louisville will aim to inspire middle schoolers to become better informed about American democracy, to engage respectfully and constructively in the community, and to build greater trust in others and institutions.

“When we understand how democracy works, we can improve it. We hope that the Civics Bee will broaden participation in our civic life and inspire Kentuckians to build on our shared commitment to our values, institutions, schools, economy, and the health of our community,” said Kentucky Chamber Foundation Senior Vice President Beth Davisson.

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