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Baptist Health partners with MediLedger

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Baptist Health, Kentucky’s largest health system, has partnered with MediLedger to pioneer a new era of contract management within healthcare.

Baptist Health is the inaugural hospital system to utilize MediLedger’s groundbreaking blockchain technology solution to ensure pharmaceuticals bought by the nine-hospital system are correctly priced.

“With more than 400 locations that purchase pharmaceuticals and over 40,000 pharmaceuticals available for purchase on each of those accounts, Baptist Health was looking for a turnkey solution to smooth the lines of communication and ensure we receive the correct negotiated contracted prices for pharmaceutical products in a timely fashion,” said Thomas Matanich, system director of pharmacy contract management for Baptist Health.

Matanich said the current process is cumbersome and opaque and often results in lengthy claims reprocessing work, creating cash flow issues.

“The industry needed a real-time environment for all parties to partner and eliminate costs associated with claims rework,” Matanich added. “Mediledger and blockchain technology will allow us to collaborate in real-time with the Premier group purchasing organization, manufacturers, and wholesalers to identify price discrepancies at the beginning of the purchasing process, addressing any potential pricing discrepancy before a purchase is made and subsequent claims rework required.”

MediLedger’s platform transforms the traditional approach to managing contracts, proactively identifying discrepancies and automating alignment between trading partners and customers. With MediLedger, contracts among group purchasing organizations, manufacturers, wholesalers, and health systems such as Baptist Health are synchronized, maintaining accurate pricing across all sites.

This pricing transparency, coupled with the ability to publish rosters directly to all parties involved, ensures up-to-date and accurate information sharing, leading to more informed decision-making.”Our partnership with MediLedger reflects our commitment to innovation and operational excellence,” said Nilesh Desai, Baptist Health’s chief pharmacy officer. “Their blockchain solution will enable us to streamline processes, improve service delivery, and play an even more significant role in contract negotiations and pricing processes which, in turn, will positively impact patient cost and care.”

The decision to partner with MediLedger reinforces Baptist Health’s commitment to enhanced transparency with resulting optimized revenue, improved cash flow, and increased influence and decision-making power within the industry.

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