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Six Ky. librarians accepted into Explore! space program at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Nov. 4, 2013) – Six Kentucky public librarians have been accepted into the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s Explore! space training program, which accepted 40 applicants from across the United States. The program, at the NASA Kennedy Space Center, is set for Nov. 15-16.

Nasa-logoDebbie Horn, Paris-Bourbon County Public Library; Kinzie Gaunce, Lexington Public Library; Marie Rogers, Meade County Public Library; Ashley Crace, Lincoln County Public Library; Lynette Ruby, Louisville Free Public Library; and Jennifer Nippert, director of the Owen County Public Library, have been chosen.

“I am really excited to go, and I can’t wait to incorporate this material into our children’s programming when I return,” said Gaunce.

The Explore! program will provide opportunities for participants to experience a tour of the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida as well as observe the launch of the newest mission to Mars, MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) scheduled for Nov. 18. The librarians will collaborate with educators from the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s Explore! team to learn hands-on science activities designed for engaging families and children ages 8-13.

In preparation for the MAVEN launch, participants will meet NASA scientists and learn about Mars science and exploration and the MAVEN mission to orbit Mars and study its atmosphere, helping scientists answer the question, “what happened to water on Mars?”

A condition of attending the program is making the commitment to utilize the activity guides and programming resources attained from the training to hold at least three children’s/family programs within the next year, including a specific MAVEN mission event.

“The Lexington Public Library is thrilled that science is the theme for next year’s summer reading program, and our population at the Village Branch will really benefit from the focus on science and literacy,” said Gaunce.

Nippert said MAVEN also would help them with the summer program. “Owen County’s 2014 summer reading program will be science-based, in support of Kentucky public school systems’ current reworking of the science curriculum. I think attending this training about the MAVEN mission will add another layer of excitement to our already vibrant summer programming. Our library staff is thrilled with the opportunity to inspire our community to explore new possibilities and frontiers,” she said.

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