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Toyota gives Georgetown College $1M for STEM education

Georgetown will have 350 STEM students in 2016-17

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (April 29, 2016) — Toyota Motor North America, Inc. today presented Georgetown College with a $1 million grant to support education programs for students preparing for careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), with an emphasis on future educators who will teach in a STEM-focused field.

Over the last 30 years, Toyota has partnered with Georgetown College on other scholarship initiatives, giving more than $1.5 million prior to today’s announcement. Annually, Toyota’s Georgetown plant provides over $171,000 in direct scholarships to Kentucky students attending colleges and universities across the state.

“At Toyota, we believe investing in education is an investment in our future, for our community and our company,” said Wil James, president of TMMK. “Partnering with institutions like Georgetown College to advance STEM opportunities won’t just have an impact on how we make cars in the future; we believe it will help shape the future of mobility for our society.”

Toyota is currently one of Kentucky’s largest employers with around 8,000 full-time employees. In 2017, the plant will become the home of Toyota’s North American production engineering headquarters, which will bring 600 engineers under roof in Georgetown.

During the 2016-17 academic year Georgetown College will have an estimated 350 students pursuing degrees in STEM-focused fields. With support from Toyota’s grant, approximately $6 million will be awarded in direct aid scholarship funding to students in these fields of study. Each year, Georgetown College provides approximately $17 million in total direct aid scholarships to students.

To create a multiplier effect, Toyota’s funding emphasizes providing opportunities for future STEM teachers.

“This generous gift from Toyota Motor North America affirms and will enable Georgetown College to strengthen its commitment to STEM programs already underway,” said Georgetown College President Dr. M. Dwaine Greene. “I am thrilled that, with keen insight, Toyota has seen in Georgetown College not only an institution with an excellent reputation in the liberal arts, but an institution which also does superb work in the sciences and other STEM fields. We are grateful to Toyota for being part of the vision and future of Georgetown College.”