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Morehead State University partners with European business school

Partners with University for Business and Technology in Pristina

MOREHEAD, Ky. (April 29, 2016) — Morehead State University’s Dr. Ahmad Zargari, associate dean of engineering and information systems, and Dr. Masterson, director of international education and associate professor of government, visited Kosovo, a U.S. recognized-independent country in the Balkans region of Europe, to set up a university partnership with the University for Business and Technology (UBT) in Pristina.

The partnership will open new doors to students and faculty wishing to pursue study in technology and engineering, business and management, political science and law, and media communication fields.

“The University for Business and Technology is our newest university partner and offers our students many opportunities to enrich their study through cooperative programs with UBT,” said Masterson. “UBT offers very competitive programs in robotics, computer programming, information systems and GIS, cyber security, as well as in entrepreneurship, management, international relations and public policy.”

Through the development of programs that provide technical, job ready skills to students, Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, the president and founder of UBT, has positioned UBT to be one of the top institutions of higher education in all of Kosovo whose graduates are highly sought after by major employers in the Balkans region.

Aside from opportunities for MSU students to study at the UBT, faculty are encouraged to explore opportunities with UBT as well.

“UBT has committed to provide funding for travel for our faculty to visit Pristina to work with UBT faculty and students in an effort to increase their curricular capacity,” Masterson said. “This may include delivering a series of lectures, as I did, or consulting on curricular design and integration with other programs on their campus or helping to establish collaborative research centers or dual degree programs.”

“Our cooperative agreement with UBT outlines several specific programs in which their students can come to MSU,” he said. “Our next round of discussions with UBT officials will focus on recruiting specific students in their top programs to study at MSU this coming fall or spring. I look forward to hosting their students on our campus and welcoming them as graciously and generously as they have welcomed us.”

UBT is a private college of approximately 9,000 students. It offers programs in Computer Science and Engineering, Management Business and Economics, Mechatronics Management, Information Systems, Law, Architecture and Planning, Building and Infrastructure Engineering, Political Science and Media Communications, Public Policy and Management, Energy Engineering. Like MSU, UBT has their own radio studio with live broadcasts, a center for entrepreneurship and innovation, and robotics team.