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Teaching students about the joy of philanthropy

A new center on the campus of the University of Kentucky opened on Sept. 7 with the goal of spreading the joy of philanthropy throughout the campus and surrounding community.

The Center for Student Philanthropy is among the first of its kind in the United States and will serve as the basis for teaching students the value of philanthropy – whether it is giving charitably, volunteering or helping to organize philanthropic events.

“The essence of true giving – giving to those who may never know you, giving on behalf of a cause and mission larger than one’s self, giving as a way of reflecting a lifetime of service to others – is reflected across the University of Kentucky campus,” said President Eli Capilouto during the ribbon cutting ceremony. “As Kentucky’s indispensable institution, we hope to instill the spirit of philanthropy within our students – to show them how shared vision and commitment can transform lives for the better, just as their lives have been shaped by those who came before them. This center is crucial to those efforts.”

Using the motto “Educate. Participate. Celebrate.,” the center is focused on education and engagement, offering students information about fundraising and giving and opportunities to see the benefits philanthropy can have on their community and on their own lives.

“UK Philanthropy often partners with students for philanthropic events, and we have seen that they have a hunger to give back and to effect change in their communities,” said Susannah Denomme, associate vice president for philanthropy. “When we envisioned the center, we wanted it to be student led and student driven to fully engage students in the giving process and to show them the impact they could make. We cannot wait to see what these students accomplish.”