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GLI plans Regional Land Development Task Force to improve best practices

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (October 31, 2019) — Greater Louisville Inc. is taking a bold approach to growth by launching the new Regional Land Development Task Force that will bring together a wide range of voices from the business community to think proactively about our region’s land development, redevelopment, and infill needs and recommend innovative strategies to maximize our economic development potential.

“To compete for jobs, talent, and economic growth, it is critical that we continually think about new ways to make Greater Louisville as business-friendly as possible,” said Sarah Davasher-Wisdom, COO and chief of staff of GLI. “Planning and zoning rules as well as laws and regulations at all levels of government impact development. The Greater Louisville business community must be actively engaged in all processes that shape the growth of our region, and this new task force will help facilitate that.”

GLI’s successful pro-business advocacy efforts at the local, state, and federal levels have long emphasized the importance of development to economic growth and competitiveness. The goals of the Regional Land Development Task Force are to facilitate deeper conversations among GLI investors on these issues, help to formalize the business community’s approach to making policy recommendations to improve and streamline development processes in our region, and foster further collaboration with regional partners on pro-development initiatives.

“Because GLI represents such a wide array of different business types within our region, it brings a truly comprehensive perspective to the table,” said Juva Barber, Executive Vice President of the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville. “As the voice of the building industry, the BIA aggressively advocates for pro-development public policy. We have frequently partnered with GLI in these efforts and welcome opportunities for additional collaboration that will come with the formation of the Regional Land Development Task Force.”

The Regional Land Development Task Force will hold its first meeting later in 2019 to begin assessing current local, state, and federal laws and regulations that shape land development, review proposed legislation and regulatory changes, and study and learn from other communities to discern best practices.

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