UofL unveils new graduate certificate for teaching English on a global scale

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The College of Education and Human Development is launching a new online graduate certificate in Teaching English as an International Language (TEIL).

The 100% online, 12-credit-hour program is designed for bachelor’s degree holders who do not have a background in education and wish to teach English language learners abroad.

Students earning the TEIL certificate will learn strategies and methods to equip English language learners with the skills necessary to strengthen their English language proficiency.

Teaching English to speakers of other languages is one of the fastest growing teaching specializations.

Elizabeth Patton, director of the TEIL program, said the new certificate will allow UofL students to fill the growing need for international English language teachers.

“With the rise of English as the language of international communication, diplomacy, commerce and technology, the demand for English language teachers around the world has never been higher,” Patton said. “This graduate certificate in Teaching English as an International Language (TEIL) will provide non-education majors with the tools needed to become successful English language teachers for a global audience.”

For more information and to apply for the TEIL certificate, go here.