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Grimes warns Kentucky businesses of “Certificate of Status” solicitations

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes warns Kentuckians of solicitations circulating regarding a “Certificate of Status” for businesses which may be mistaken for an official form from the Secretary of State.

“Businesses are frequent targets of mailings that give the appearance of being a government form,” said Grimes, Kentucky’s chief business official. “We encourage businesses to be vigilant and to contact us if they receive any document or form and are suspicious about whether it is from our office or another state government agency.”

Kentucky businesses, especially those newly formed, have reported receiving a solicitation from “Kentucky Certificate Service,” which seeks to sell the business a “Certificate of Status.” The solicitation is not sent or authorized by the Office of the Secretary of State and is not required to be received from the office. Businesses need not respond to these solicitations, and may report them to the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General.

Businesses should be advised that they may obtain a Certificate of Existence, if needed, by submitting a request here, which requires a $10 fee.

“Never hesitate to contact our office and ask questions if you are not sure about filing requirements,” said Grimes.

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