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McConnell secures funds for Louisville’s VA Medical Center

Mitch McConnell

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Monday that he secured the remaining $410 million needed for construction of the new Robley Rex Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Louisville, Ky., in the Fiscal Year 2020 government-funding agreement.

Before the end of the year, both the House of Representatives and Senate are expected to approve the government funding bills, sending it to President Trump for his signature.

The project received a boost earlier this year, when President Trump — at McConnell’s request — included full funding for construction of the new VAMC facility in his Fiscal Year 2020 budget request. President Trump personally contacted McConnell to inform him of this critical step forward for the project.

With this funding legislation, McConnell is fulfilling our country’s promise to Kentucky veterans for a new, modern health-care facility. Since 2008, he has used his leadership position as well as his seniority on the Senate Appropriations Committee to prioritize the project. In addition to Monday’s announcement, Senator McConnell previously secured a total of $450 million for the new facility, including the project’s first appropriation of $75 million in a 2008 government-funding bill.

“Since I secured the initial federal funding for the construction of a new veterans medical center in Louisville, I’ve remained determined to fulfill our sacred obligation to our nation’s heroes,” said McConnell. “Working closely with Kentucky’s veterans, the VA and multiple presidents, we continued moving toward today’s outstanding news. Because of President Trump’s strong commitment to our veterans, he answered my request and helped me finally deliver the remaining federal resources to complete this facility. Although no single government program can ever fully repay the enormous debt we owe our veterans, I look forward the vital care the new VAMC will provide to those who sacrificed to keep our nation safe.”

Earlier this year, McConnell met with Stephen Black, the new director of the Louisville VAMC, to discuss the status of this project and to reiterate his long-standing work to ensure the new Louisville facility will provide the space, equipment and resources needed to fully serve the specific needs of women veterans.