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TEG Architects add VP of business development

Dwayne Wilson

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — TEG Architects, an architectural, planning, 3D visualization and interior design firm, announced Wednesday the addition of Dwayne Wilson, who will serve as the vice president of business development. His exceptional expertise, skills and strengths will be harnessed to further expedite the firm’s vision.

Wilson is an award-winning designer with nearly 25 years of experience in his field of architectural design, business strategy, program development and management. He has worked diligently with the design and construction industry’s leading executives to grow and expand the ideas and visions of business owners and developers in 25 different states across the U.S., as well as internationally, in Chile and Korea.

Wilson has an uncommon instinct and understanding of the principles for both development of the owner’s vision, and ultimate business management success. This knowledge has given him insight to help his clients, partners and associates create, meet and exceed goals that bring true achievement of their dreams.

He has a passion to solve complex problems and enjoys studying those leaders who have the ability to do the same. He travels and teaches business owners and leaders, conducting seminars to “Discover Your God Given Gifts and More,” locally and abroad. He studies the lives of great men and women who have solved difficult problems and issues that stifle forward progress; that others could not see.