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Secretariat resolution advances to Senate


FRANKFORT, Ky. — A resolution to celebrate the 50th birthday of the world’s most celebrated racehorse of all time was advanced Monday in the Kentucky House.

House Concurrent Resolution 41 sponsor Rep. Matthew Koch, R-Paris, said the legislation celebrates the March 30, 1970 birthday of 1973 Triple Crown Winner Secretariat, who spent the majority of his life as a sire at Claiborne Farm in Paris. It also recognizes a special anniversary celebration of Secretariat’s life set for Bourbon County next month.

“Big Red Gala: A celebration of Secretariat’s 50th Birthday” is scheduled for the week of April 14 as the state’s official celebration of Secretariat’s birthday. The event will feature Claiborne Farm tours, memorabilia displays, a vendor fair, concerts, 10k race, drive-in showing of the film “Secretariat,” equine parade and more, said Koch.

“We’re having a big celebration … We’re expecting over 15,000 people to come to this,” he said.

Secretariat, who was nicknamed Big Red, sired over 580 offspring at Claiborne Farm where he was flown after record wins in each race of the Triple Crown. He died in 1989 and is buried at the farm.

Secretariat’s record times in the three Triple Crown races, including the Kentucky Derby, remain unbeaten.

HCR 41 passed the House 93-0. It now goes to the Senate for consideration.