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KAHCF/KCAL requests PPE to fight COVID-19


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Kentucky’s nursing facilities and assisted living communities are working to prevent COVID-19 from impacting its residents. The Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities is asking businesses to consider donating items such as face masks and shields, disposable gloves, scrubs, and alcohol-based sanitizer to their local assisted living or nursing facility.

“We’re hearing from our peers in other states that otherwise unconventional partners to long-term care are donating items and playing a part in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus in their local assisted living or nursing facility,” said Betsy Johnson, KAHCF/KCAL president. “We’ve even heard that local businesses, such as clothes manufacturers, are shifting their focus to the production of hospital gowns. If Kentuckians are looking for ways to help our state in this pandemic, these are great examples of how they can do that.”

KAHCF/KCAL recommends businesses and organizations – including dental clinics, veterinarians, schools, brewing companies, salons, tattoo parlors, and textile, manufacturing, and construction companies – contact their local assisted living facility or nursing home to determine its needs and ability to receive the items.