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Lexington Recycling Center working to repair equipment, restart curbside pickup

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Although the Lexington Recycling Center will still close on Monday, city officials expects curbside recycling for residences and businesses, and dumpster service will restart sooner than originally expected thanks to Machinex Technologies, the company that manufactured the processing equipment at the center.

“Machinex is not closed,” said Nancy Albright, Lexington’s Commissioner of Environmental Quality and Public Works. “They are working with us to help us fix our equipment and get the center up and operating as soon as possible.”

“Machinex certainly apologizes for any misunderstanding there may have been”, said Chris Hawn, Machinex Technologies’ CEO. “We recognize that Lexington and our other customers rely on us to keep operating their essential service businesses, and our service and support teams have remained available to insure smooth operations during this worldwide crisis.”

The City had announced the center would close Monday, April 13, for several weeks because of a broken shaft, the piece that moves recyclables for sorting. “We will still have to close, but it may not take as long to get us up and operating as we originally thought. As soon as we have a new date we will make it public,” Albright said. “Citizens should be able to store recyclables at their homes until we’re ready to start picking them up again.”

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton said her office received inaccurate information that Machinex was closed because of COVID-19. She said her administration is examining where the breakdown in information occurred.

Clean paper recycling is not affected. Residents can continue to take their clean paper … newspapers, office paper, paper mail, magazines and catalogs … to the yellow recycling bins located around town.