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Kentucky Chamber will hold webinar discussions to Restart Kentucky: A Responsible Plan for Returning to Work

By The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

As we have now completed a month of the “Great Pause,” grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, we find a desperate need to ask what’s next.

In recent weeks, we have seen not only major manufactures like Ford and Toyota temporarily close their facilities but also many of their suppliers. Many small businesses that did not meet the essential business category have had to lay off employees, raising our unemployment rate to unprecedented rates. Not only do we find ourselves in a health pandemic, but also an economic plummet which is challenging the spirit of the American worker and business person. Many workers question even when the government says it is safe to go back, and businesses re-open, will they truly be safe?

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is here to navigate these questions in uncertain times. Do we have all the answers? No. Can we pull together the most capable group of professionals and business leaders in the country to solve this new equation for which we find ourselves challenged? Absolutely.

As the state’s premier business advocate, the Kentucky Chamber is uniquely positioned to convene top medical professionals, economists, and small and large businesses, including Kentucky-based, global companies that employ some of the most sophisticated thinkers as their executives.

During the last month, business leaders and their employees have stepped up to protect Kentuckians by donating, procuring, and manufacturing personal protective equipment. Kentucky employers have shown they are responsible stewards of their resources and have put the safety of this state and their workers above all else. To slow the spread of this pandemic, many businesses have put their own financial stability at risk. It’s now time we start the conversation on how we methodically and responsibly re-open Kentucky’s businesses and unleash the unbridled spirit of our commonwealth.

The Kentucky Chamber knows we are stronger together against this common enemy as we mount our restart. The Chamber will provide education, guidance, policy recommendations, connect job seekers with employers, and recommend best practices to prepare business to restart our economy. The Chamber will call on key industry leaders to guide our work to give Kentucky every opportunity to unleash our potential.

Kentucky businesses are strong and our people are resilient. It’s time to safely prepare our Restart.

Join us as we kick off our webinar series next week featuring:


Join the Kentucky Chamber on Tuesday, April 21 at 1 p.m. for a discussion on how business can re-open and protect public health with Lexington Fayette County Public Health Director Dr. Kraig Humbaugh, Kentucky River District Public Health Director Dr. Scott Lockard, and Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky Executive Director Ben Chandler.


Join the Kentucky Chamber on Thursday, April 23 at 2 p.m. for a conversation on how Kentucky’s economy rebounds from COVID-19 with Dr. Paul Coomes.