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Wireless company partners with agencies to bring free cell phone service to those in need

StandUp Wireless expands Community Partner Program in Cincinnati region

NEWPORT, Ky. — StandUp Wireless announced plans Wednesday to expand its Community Partner Program to local social service agencies in Greater Cincinnati.

The expansion follows a successful pilot effort in the area that saw the wireless company partner with 40 community organizations to provide more than 600 disadvantaged residents with free wireless cellphone services through the federal government’s Lifeline program.

Being able to connect with clients is vital to the successful mission of social services agencies, but often their clients cannot afford reliable cell phone service. StandUp Wireless recognized the need for these organizations and their clients to communicate and launched the Community Partner Program to assist agencies so they can easily help their clients sign up for quality, reliable cell phone service provided by the Lifeline program. Partner organizations receive a dedicated website where they can direct clients to quickly and easily find out if they qualify for this program and sign up to receive their benefits.

Partners include Cincinnati Works, Brighton Center, Life Learning Center, the Salvation Army and several other social service agencies with missions aligned with StandUp Wireless’ purpose of lifting up our neighbors in their time of need. The no-cost partnership gives nonprofit organizations another tool to help meet client needs and stay connected despite recent shelter-in-place and social distancing orders.

“StandUp Wireless provides an invaluable service for the community by making it easier for our members to obtain phones to connect with us as well as the world around us,” said Martha Nicks, professional development coach at Cincinnati Works. “While we prepare our members for their job search, they are able to communicate directly with employers to follow up on applications and arrange interviews. In addition, they remain connected to loved ones by using the StandUp Wireless mobile phone service to talk and text.”

“StandUp Wireless and Cincinnati Works have the same mission to connect low income Americans to the digital economy,” said StandUp Wireless COO Eric Schimpf. “Without wireless service, this community cannot contact doctors, employers, family or the social service agency that is helping them during this time of need. We are proud to assist our community partners in achieving their mission of service to others.”

Low-income Americans, including millions who are recently unemployed, need reliable wireless service to stay connected to loved ones, doctors, employers, Veterans Affairs offices and the very social service and community organizations tasked with lending a helping hand.

Further, COVID-19 safety measures have limited in-person interactions, proving wireless services are vital to keeping Americans connected to the digital economy and each other in a time of social distancing and restrictions for the health and safety of our communities.

StandUp Wireless fills the communications gap for Americans in need by offering free cell phone service to qualifying low-income Americans through the Lifeline program. StandUp Wireless plans offer at least 1,000 minutes and 3 GB of data every month. In some states, customers are eligible for unlimited minutes.

Millions of Americans are eligible for Lifeline benefits, but they may need help registering online. StandUp Wireless’ community partners have helped people navigate the process and register in minutes, giving their clients access to free essential cell phone service.

Based out of Norcross, Ga., StandUp Wireless has offices in Newport, Ky., making the Greater Cincinnati region a perfect area to expand the Community Partner Program.

To learn more about the StandUp Wireless Partner program or to request more information, visit partners.standupwireless.com.