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Businesses engaging Wrigley Media Group to produce multimedia to debut products

When COVID-19 cancels trade shows, businesses turn to a modern media company

LEXINGTON, Ky. — As trade shows continue to be postponed or cancelled because of COVID-19, businesses are increasingly calling upon Wrigley Media Group to produce videos that debut products.

That was the case when Florida Tile reached out to Wrigley Media, the Lexington, Ky.-based modern media company that conceives, creates, produces and distributes all forms of media content.

Florida Tile’s director of marketing and product management was faced with a difficult decision when Coverings 2020 was cancelled. The impressive 50×60 booth that was created to debut products at the largest tile show in the North America would have to wait until 2021.

“With that avenue closed, we needed/had to find a new way to elevate and showcase our products,” said Tressa Samdal. “We chose to work with Wrigley Media Group because of their reputation for 3D animation and modeling, which, as we learned, is not offered by many production companies. We love the results and how they beautifully showcase Florida Tile’s products to our discerning audience.”

Wrigley Media is one of a handful of production companies in the state that offers 3D animation and modeling. The video (see below) was created by Wrigley Media’s VP, CG Services David Silvernell, who has more than 15 years of experience in 3D, specializing in architectural models.

According to Silvernell, “Working with Florida Tile has been especially exciting for me since I’ve been able to tap back into my architectural background. Creating animated scenes that appear to be tangible and authentic is something we pride ourselves on at Wrigley Media. Not to mention, this virtual route saves our clients money since we are eliminating the need to build traditional sets.”

Florida Tile is using the video, as well as others produced by Wrigley Media, for social media, marketing and sales. It is also being shown in lobbies of Florida Tile’s 24 branches around the country.