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Omnicare announces first electronic prescribing solution for controlled substances in institutional settings

COVINGTON, Ky. (Febr. 8, 2012) – Omnicare, Inc. (NYSE:OCR) today announced the pilot launch of a new application for its cutting edge OmniviewDr platform. This application allows prescribers, including physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to electronically transmit orders for controlled substance prescriptions as well as other medications in real-time directly to Omnicare pharmacies that service some of our nation’s most frail and elderly citizens. The new technology exponentially speeds up the time it takes for patients to receive urgently needed medication while streamlining a cumbersome, manual, paper-based process. Omnicare’s proprietary technology solution will help improve the quality of pharmaceutical care for seniors and others in institutional settings. Introduction of OmniviewDr will begin shortly, culminating in a full market release by year end.

Omnicare developed the new OmniviewDr application to address the growing needs of the physician and residents in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), Assisted Living (AL) communities, and Independent Living Facilities (ILF). Often times, these patients are in pain or require access to medication that is essential to their treatment. OmniviewDr will now be able to provide residents in institutional settings with faster access to medication through cloud technology that utilizes a unique two-factor authentication process to address important safety and security regulations required for controlled substance prescriptions. Importantly, physicians can access this functionality through their mobile devices, further enhancing accessibility and communication with facilities.

Additionally, the OmniviewDr platform allows prescribers to:

• Review and respond to patient-specific comments posted by the Omnicare consultant pharmacist;
• View SNF, AL and ILF patients’ health records as prepared by Omnicare and perform e-prescribing;
• Approve refills requests
• Request an estimated price quote for a specific drug;
• View a comprehensive document library

OmniviewDr is the physician-facing part of Omnicare’s Omniview technology portal, which offers a range of innovative cost-savings and health management solutions for long-term care facilities, patients and caregivers. Omniview capabilities include pre-admission medication assessment, e-refill, proof-of-delivery, access to drug management reports, and real-time validation of Part D coverage. Omnicare’s investments in technology and automation have resulted in greater accuracy, speed and consistency of service, which allow health care providers to focus on direct care for those in need. Omnicare consistently creates and implements new technologies designed to improve patient care and increase efficiencies and reduce costs for the company and its customers. Omnicare believes that its new OmniviewDr functionality fits directly within these parameters.

“We are excited about this new OmniviewDr capability, which is consistent with our goal to develop and implement innovative technologies that improve the quality of care and create efficiencies for our customers, the physician community, and for Omnicare,” said Jeff Stamps, Executive Vice-President and President, Long-Term Care Operations. “Our electronic controlled substance prescribing process is the first product of its kind in the institutional market. This forward thinking solution represents the future of prescribing practices while simultaneously addressing patient needs quickly and in real time. Importantly, it is also consistent with the country’s mandate to improve the quality of healthcare while reducing costs.”

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