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Independence Bank scholarships extended

OWENSBORO, Ky. —Independence Bank plans to help alleviate some of the financial burden of post-secondary education for high seniors and their families amid the pandemic with over $100,000 in scholarship money for the commonwealth.

While the immediate impacts of COVID-19 have been evident all year long, the ripple effects from the financial strain on individuals have begun to make their presence known. With college application deadlines on the horizon, many families are having to make hard choices in regards to their seniors pursuing higher education.

The scholarship program began in 2001 with a single $10,000 scholarship awarded. Since then, over $1 million has been given to students in the 12 markets that the bank serves. In addition to the funds put forth by the bank, its employees, their community board of directors, and friends of the Reid family have all donated money to help establish the variety of scholarships available.

If you know a high school senior in need of a helping hand or someone in pursuit of their American dream of furthering their education, encourage them to apply for the Independence Bank Scholarship Program. Apply online at 1776bank.com/scholarships. The 2021 application window closes on Feb. 15.

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