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Ascentic Retail Engineering creates, ships touchless sensors

LEXINGTON, Ky. —  Ascentic Retail Engineering, part of Audio Authority Corp., a long-established Lexington manufacturer, celebrated its first major shipment of touchless sensors on Jan. 6.

Ascentic developed the sensor to address consumers’ aversion to public touch points. Ascentic’s new touchless controls will protect consumers from the spread of pathogens by using small AirSelect proximity and gesture sensors for intuitive control without any physical contact.

The PX-100 proximity sensor will be installed in point-of-purchase displays at retail stores. The sensor was designed to replace the intuitive functionality of push-buttons, be easy to install or retrofit, and be electronically compatible with existing media players and other devices used in retail interactive displays – and all this at a reasonable cost.

Ascentic has been working with sensors for several years, but interest in touchless controls has been increasing ever since the new sensors were introduced last fall. Even though the retail sector is still inhibited by the pandemic, store fixture manufacturers are aware of the definite change in consumer expectations, and are seeking alternatives to touchscreens and push-buttons. The AirSelect proximity sensors and gesture sensors provide an ideal drop-in solution.