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Bridgehaven CEO to step down after 23 years

Ramona Johnson

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Ramona Johnson, president and CEO of Bridgehaven Mental Health Services, has announced she is retiring and will leave the nonprofit effective July 1, 2021. Leading the organization for 23 years. The board of directors will conduct a search for her replacement.

Johnson joined Bridgehaven in 1998 as the clinical director and after a national search, was named president and CEO in 2002.  At the helm, she oversaw the growth and development of an organization that was at the forefront of addressing mental health from its start in 1958.

Bridgehaven was among the first of their kind in the 1950s and 1960s to address mental illness in a more compassionate and understanding way – revolutionary at the time.  Johnson continued the legacy of destigmatizing mental illness, working to help people live productive lives instead of being restricted and displaced due to illness.

Bridgehaven hopes to announce a new president and CEO this spring, allowing for Johnson and her successor to overlap to ensure a smooth transition.