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Bardstown Bourbon Co. expands capabilities with bottling facility

BARDSTOWN, Ky.Bardstown Bourbon Co. recently announced the opening of its new bottling facility, adjacent to the company’s distillery and Visitors Center. The 55,000-s.f. facility will enable the team to bottle hundreds of thousands of cases of distilled spirits per year and generate 25 new jobs for local Bardstown residents.

“Our new bottling facility will raise the bar for what we can provide our partners and fill a void within co-manufacturing spirits production,” said Justin Willett, executive director of manufacturing operations. “We look forward to producing our own top-quality packages while working with customers on projects of all scales throughout the industry.”

By harnessing new technologies in bottling and liquid management, Bardstown Bourbon Co. will not only provide quality and safety control, it will also have the flexibility to customize all specifications in accordance with customer guidelines. The new facility will include a logistics lab, comprehensive testing abilities, component and label flexibility, expert sourcing and an on-site blending lab. Bardstown Bourbon’s team of experts consists of chemists, packaging and lab technicians working in concert with operators well-versed in high-speed and specialty bottling.

“Bardstown Bourbon Co.’s principal achievement of this remarkable project is the incredible team that has been assembled,” said John Hargrove, chief operating officer. “The success of Bardstown Bourbon lies within the great talent and culture that has been established from day one.”

Aside from the distillery’s own brand, which debuted in 2018, Bardstown Bourbon Co. produces custom whiskey for more than 30 customers, including some of the most well-known liquor brands in the world. The success of its collaborative distilling program has enabled the distilling team to quadruple capacity since its inception in 2016 and now produces more than 7 million proof gallons per year, or more than 330 barrels per day, across 50 different mashbills.

“The bottling facility is the natural next step in our evolution,” said CEO Mark Erwin. “Currently, our brands and our collaborative distilling partners are bottled by an offsite third party. We’re excited to close the circle and enable a true grain-to-glass process all in our own space.”

The facility’s design is a continuation of Bardstown Bourbon Co.’s modern look and feel. Bardstown Bourbon partnered with architect Joseph & Joseph Architects of Louisville and Buzick Construction of Bardstown to develop the facility.