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New airport operations center unveiled at Louisville Airport

$18.5 million investment for modern space, industry leader

LOUISVILLE, Ky. —  The Louisville Regional Airport Authority unveiled a new, state-of-the-art Airport Operations Center at the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF). This new $18.5 million space serves as the airport’s nerve center and communications hub around the clock, allowing staff to monitor and respond to any operational aspect at any time.

The Airport Operations Center is comprised of the new Command Center, Badging Office, and Training Room. From the Command Center, the Operations Department oversees airfield and facility activity to ensure the safety of all cargo and airline partners as well as the traveling public.

Airport Operations Center at the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

Through five workstations and three private offices, staff closely monitor flight and parking information, weather, terminal activity, property work orders, access control systems, and airport radio communications including Public Safety, Operations, and Maintenance as well as aircraft radio traffic. It features a 14-screen video wall spanning nearly 28 feet that is fully customizable to offer a variety of configurations based on need.

The centralized Building Automation System is also housed here, which monitors all HVAC, lighting, fire alarm, fire suppression, and plumbing systems. If any issue arises, staff are automatically notified immediately for a quicker response time to correct any situation.

A tactical island is situated in the heart of the Command Center, with space for a minimum of 10 to comfortably gather and view various airport maps and diagrams through a clear surface. This dedicated area can be used to plan projects, discuss construction needs and work through any potential scenarios across the property.

The new Badging Office offers three customer service bays while the adjunct Training Room has 10 individual workstations for airport personnel to learn about working in an airport environment.

The new Airport Operations Center is part of SDF Next, the airport improvement program that will see $400 million invested in the terminal and airfield over the next several years. The Airport Operations Center costs $18.5 million also includes upgrades and improvements to the organization’s data and security systems.

The concept and design of the new space were led by Aviation Security Consulting, Inc., Sentinel Consulting, Chester Consulting, CMTA Engineering, and Kersey & Kersey Architects with Messer Construction Co. completing the work. Construction on the new space began in August 2020 and was completed in July 2021.

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