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New Release: BCS Gold Label 16 and 17 year-old straight bourbon

By The Bourbon Flight

Barrell Craft Spirits (BCS), the award-winning independent blender and bottler of unique aged, cask-strength sourced whiskey, introduced its BCS Gold Label Bourbon, a blend of 16 and 17-year-old straight bourbons, which were distilled in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Barrels for this release were selected from four different collections: cherry bomb barrels with a rich mouthfeel, nutty oak-forward barrels, high proof, and high complexity barrels, and barrels with pronounced milk chocolate notes. The last group underwent a secondary maturation in toasted virgin American oak casks before being added to this intricate and seductive blend.

“The BCS Gold Label Bourbon is extraordinarily unique because the rare stocks that were acquired underwent a secondary blending and maturation,” said BCS Founder Joe Beatrice. “This expression epitomizes how our team expertly elevates barrels of whiskey into an extraordinarily complex blend which maximizes the nuances of each ingredient.”

Founded in 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky, BCS selects and blends products that explore different distillation methods, barrels and aging environments, and bottles them at cask strength. BCS’s extensive stocks of high-quality casks mean they can craft extraordinary blends that maximize the nuances of each ingredient. Creative finishes, a liberated approach to blending, and a deep-seated commitment to releasing each whiskey at cask strength and without chill-filtration guides every product release.

In addition to BCS Gold Label, Barrell Craft Spirits® offers several other special releases that allow its creativity to flourish including Barrell Dovetail, which was awarded the “Chairman’s Trophy” at the 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, Barrell Armida, Barrell Seagrass, American Vatted Malt, and the Infinite Barrel Project.

BCS Gold Label was bottled at 113.54 proof (56.77% ABV) and is now available at select retailers within the brand’s current 48 U.S. markets and online via the BCS website at www.barrellbourbon.com.

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