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Bank of the Bluegrass celebrates its 50th anniversary

LEXINGTON, Ky. — To celebrate 50 years of being in business, Bank of the Bluegrass is giving its employees the opportunity to carry out random acts of kindness in the community—and is challenging recipients to do the same. The bank, through its “Random Acts of Kindness” program, is empowering two employees per month with $200 each to share with clients, non-profits, local businesses or perfect strangers in whatever way they choose—as well as a card with the encouragement to “pay it forward.”

“We love this community, and we love the hearts of the people who live here,” said Bill Allen, CEO. “We wanted this 50th-anniversary celebration to be about promoting what we already love about Lexington and the surrounding areas—the goodness and generosity people show to their neighbors.”

The 50th Anniversary Random Acts of Kindness program will begin this April and continue the rest of the year. Each month, two employees will share $200 worth of gifts or donations, for a total of $3,600 in Random Acts over nine months, to a recipient or recipients of their choosing. Each time an employee makes a gift or donation, they will also give out a card asking the local business, client, non-profit or individual to “pay it forward” by blessing a neighbor with a gift, act of service or other random act of kindness.

The bank will be tracking the program on Facebook and Instagram (@bankofthebluegrass). Recipients who pay it forward are encouraged to post about their own random act with the hashtag #PayItForwardBluegrass and to pass the “pay-it-forward card” along.

“It would be easy to commemorate this milestone with a party and a pat on the back for ourselves,” said Tom Greinke, Bank President. “But this celebration is more than that. It’s the recognition of a community that has accepted us and carried us through good times and bad, and this is another way we could thank them for that.”

The bank has a year-round random act of kindness program; the 50th Anniversary program extends what is usually a once-a-month, $150 gift, into a longer and more festive occasion. Some examples of past random acts include a book bag and school supplies donation, purchasing meals or coffee for others, and paying for someone’s groceries.

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